Our Story

 In 2017, a small group of our members (these individuals would become our founding members) felt compelled to lend aid to individuals in Houston, TX and surrounding areas impacted and completely devastated by Hurricane Harvey. The members organized a collection of essential items like household cleaning & personal hygiene products, water and non-perishable food items . The response was amazing and the support from the Delaware County community was astounding. A total of four pallets of items were collected and when they were set to be taken to a location in the greatest need, coordination proved to be a huge challenge! When a disaster of severe magnitude occurs, it is not a simple task for a small group of individuals from Pennsylvania to just head out and deliver items. Communication began with local organizations around the areas of devastation and to larger established disaster relief agencies to find out the best course of action to move these supplies to areas of need. With some guidance from experienced groups we never imagined this project we started would be the beginning of our journey to becoming a nonprofit organization!

You may be wondering, "what did end up happening to all those items we collected?" Well, with a little luck and a lot of perseverance we did find a way to get our supplies to survivors of Hurricane Harvey. The items never actually made it to Houston, TX or any other surrounding areas impacted by Harvey, however, we did connect with a school district in Lancaster County, PA who were welcoming displaced individuals and families from areas impacted by Harvey. With the help of a very generous private transport company, our supplies were delivered to the school district and distributed to those in need!


The founding members have continued to provide access to critical needs within their hometown of Delaware County, PA. They want to build connections with community members, partner with other organizations and educate individuals and families on the importance of building a strong network of support within communities to become more resilient and sustainable! 


Our Founding Members


Individuals Aiding in Emergencies (IAE) Foundation is a 100% volunteer based effort founded by a family/friend collaboration. Bill and Jean and their daughter Faith have worked together for the past 18 years at their family owned business, Interstate Auto Electric, Inc. in Aston, PA. They, along with Faith's husband, Mike and two daughters, Hanna & Sara, were always finding ways to give back to their community. After the efforts put forth to help survivors of Hurricane Harvey, they knew making more of an impact in their own community was the journey they needed to take. Having other like-minded people on board was their next move! 

Faith approached her long-time friend (really more like family member!), Kym, who was equally passionate towards service to others, with the idea of forming a nonprofit organization. Without hesitation, Kym, along with her husband, Greg and daughter, Grace, joined in building IAE Foundation. Our blended family/friend group became the co-founders and the original "individuals" of the organization.