Each and everyday someone is coping with something and in need of help. We do not limit our efforts to those "once in awhile" situations, with community outreach we offer support to improve the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of individuals, families and communities. Our success is only possible with the support of our members and volunteers. Contact us today for details on how you can join our efforts! 

CARE Kits / B.E.A.N.(Basic Emergency Aid Needs) Bags

​Our bags are both handmade and plastic. The handmade bags are usually distributed to church pantries; school districts for homeless/foster children; homeless shelters; addiction recovery homes,etc. Plastic bags are usually used for disaster type situations. We fill them with various personal hygiene products and a message of encouragement!

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Operation Stocking Stuffer

The holidays should be filled with happiness; joy; love and excitement. For some this time of year can be filled with so much stress, anxiety and sadness. We diverted a bit from our CARE Kits and B.E.A.N. Bags and filled both handmade and donated stockings with various items for children. Donations were made to Nemours A.I. Dupont Children's Hospital; Community Action Agency of Delaware County; Pathways PA; and some local families in Delaware County. 

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